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PCS Flex

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PCS Flex is the wearable simulator for any condition, elevating any simulation with added realism and simplified control. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Usable on both manikins and humans.

Palpable pulses and blood pressure measurements match the presented physiology, with dynamically customizable lung/heart/bowel sounds.

The included wireless camera provides real-time monitoring and AV capture for debriefing in a lightweight and integrated solution.

When combined with PCS Spark, PCS Flex turns any manikin into an advanced patient simulator with AI-driven verbal interviewing capabilities.

PCS Flex Includes:

  • SmartShirt
  • Virtual Patient Monitor
  • Dynamic Haptic Pulses
  • Heart/Lung/Bowel Auscultation
  • Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Wireless A/V Capture
  • SP Intercom